Ip Man Wing Chun Series: Biu Gee Volume 5

International Wing Chun Martial Art Association Instructional Video

Biu Gee translates as "thrusting fingers" which is the third and the most advanced hand form in the Wing Chun style. The techniques in Biu Gee are simple, but the deep levels of theories behind them are kept secret. Biu Gee has a unique explosive character with rapid turning of the entire body to genreate powerful and ligntning fast strikes. Biu Gee form is structured with ten sections. In this instruction video, Master Chan explains the theories and applications in each section, and also includes several Gung Lik training exercises to help you develop the speed and power in order to perform Biu Gee properly.

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Released 2006
Genre Martial art
Runtime 0:42:25
Date Limits Starts 7/21/2015