Ip Man Wing Chun Series: Chi Sau Level 1 - Volume 7

International Wing Chun Martial Art Association Instructional Video

If you want expert instruction in learning Wing Chun Chi Sau, Master Chan guides you through 10 lessons. This video combines the skills of Sil LIm Tau and Chum Kiu to help students learn the "hard" and "soft" techniques from both forms for a well rounded understanding of Wing Chun and self defense concepts. This is ideal for any Wing Chun practitioners wishing to become more proficient in their Chi Sau skills by expanding their knowledge and arsenal of techniques. This video takes you deep into the root of Wing Chun idioms which were handed down by the original Masters. With the guidance of Master Chan, you will learn each technique correctly and precisely.

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Directed by Sam Chan

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Released 2012
Genre Martial Arts
Runtime 1:05:26
Date Limits Starts 7/21/2015